Etcher Laser app Manual

User setting

This section describes the settings screen.



You can set the machining position offset here. If there is a discrepancy between the captured image and the actual processing position, change this value (unit: mm).

  • Offset X: Entering a positive value moves the machining position to the right.
  • Offset Y: Entering a positive value moves the machining position downward.

Misalignment of the processing position can also occur for the following reasons. Please check here if so.

  • If the height setting at capture is not appropriate
  • If the laser head is tilted when adjusting the height of the laser head

Wi-Fi Setting

If there is a Wi-Fi router in the environment where the Etcher Laser is used, you can connect to your Etcher Laser via LAN by entering the setting information of that router.

Passcode Lock

You can set a 4-digit passcode on the Etcher Laser to restrict its use.
The Etcher Laser with passcode cannot be operated without passcode authentication when connecting.
This function can be enabled/disabled.


If app has new firmware, you can update it here.
Since the firmware is included in the app, we recommend that you keep the app up to date.

Connection Guide

Use this connection guide when connecting directly to the Etcher Laser.
By scanning the QR code on the back of the Etcher Laser, you can connect your smartphone and Etcher Laser via Wi-Fi.


Open the Etcher Laser guide page.