FABOOL Laser Mini Expansion Frame Kit Manual

Laser Unit Attachment

Parts List

Parts Name Parts ID Pictures Qty
Laser Unit D-4 1
Optical Carrier D-3 1
Height Adjustment Acrylic A-5 1
M6x8 Hex Socket Head Cap Screw C-1 1
Cable Ties C-1 1

※For the parts ID, check FABOOL Laser Mini Packing List.


Attach Optic Carrier

Ensure working surface is level.


Tentatively attach optic carrier to hole in center of [D-4] laser unit. Fasten using M6x8 hex socket bolt while holding optic carrier so that it does not lean, applying pressure in the direction of the arrow.


Affix it with the optic stage (set on the main body) and the optic carrier (set on the [D-4] laser unit).

k8-1.jpg k8-2.jpg

Connect laser cable to [D-4] laser unit.


Gather laser cables with cable tie as shown in picture.


Cut off excess from cable tie.


[D-4] Laser unit attachment complete.


To Laser Unit Height Adjustment and Preparation