FABOOL Laser CO2 Manual

Height Adjustment of Head, Preparation

Height Adjustment of Head

Put material you want to process on the cutting bed.

Loosen the thumbscrew to adjust the height.

Combine the height adjustment jig 1 and 2 as shown in the picture and put lens mount on top of it. This is the state where it’s at the right focus.

Tighten the thumbscrew.
(*Tighten it hard.)

Remove the height adjustment jig.
Height adjustment is completed.

Height adjustment of air assist holder

To adjust height, loosen the M3x4 hex socket head cap bolt that holds air assist holder. If you are using the Positioning Kit, adjust the height so that the air blows at the point where laser of the pointer is.

IMG_5056 IMG_5060


– Connect the AC cable to the body and turn the switch on.
– Connect PC to the body with USB cable.
– If you are using Exhaust Fan kit or Flame Damper Kit, turn the switch on.