FABOOL Laser CO2 Manual

Laser Power Mount

Parts List

部品 数量
Laser Power 1
M4×6 hex socket head cap bolt 3
M4 last-in nut 3

Position adjustment of 170mm frame

Adjust and put two 170mm frames which were temporarily fixed in the earlier process in order to match the screw hole of laser power and groove of 170mm aluminum frame, like the picture.

Adjust the position of two 170mm aluminum frame so that the space in between the laser power and washer socket is about the thickness of two fingers.
※washer socket’s color is different with the picture; actual color is white.

Take out the laser power once and tighten the bolt of right-angle bracket to fix two 170mm frames.

Laser Power Mount

Insert a M4 last-in nuts into 170mm frame in the side of terminal, then the two nuts into the frame in the side of washer socket  (total 3 nuts).

Fix the laser power with M4 last-in nut and M4x6 hex socket head cap bolt.

Please confirm whether laser power is fixed securely.

Laser Power Mount is completed.