FABOOL Laser CO2 Manual

Timing Belt Attachment

Parts List

Part Qty
X-axis timing belt 1
Y-axis timing belt 2
M5 post-in nut 6
M5×8 hex socket head cap bolt 6

Y-axis Timing Belt Attachment

Insert the timing belt to the groove of V-slot as shown in the picture.
(*Place the jagged surface down.)

On top of it, insert M5 post-in nut, and use M5x8 hex socket head cap bolt to fix the belt.

Next, put the timing belt through wheel and timing pulley as in the picture.

Adjust the position of the timing pulley. Loosen the set-screw of timing pulley once, and as shown in the picture below, align the two wheels and timing pulley then tighten the set-screw to fix the pulley on axis of motor.
(*Tighten the set-screws firmly)

Insert the other end to the groove of V-slot, put M5 post-in nut and fix with M5x8 hex socket head cap bolt.
(*When fixing, tighten the bolt while pulling the timing belt so that the belt is not loose.)

*Check that timing belt is tight. If loose, loosen the M5x8 hex socket head cap bolt, pull the timing belt and tighten the bolt again.
Do the same on the other side of Y-axis.

X-axis Timing Belt Attachment

Repeat the procedure above to attach the timing belt.

*Make sure to adjust the position of timing pulley.
After attaching, check that the belt is tight. (If loose, make adjustments.)
This is the end of this chapter.