FABOOL Laser CO2 Manual

XY-axis Unit Assembly : Complete

Parts List

Parts Details Quantity
848mm V-Slot aluminum frame (20*40mm) 1
wheel plate y-axis R unit Already done 1
wheel plate y-axis L unit Already done 1
X-axis unit Already done 1
M5×10 low head bolt 4
M5 T nut 7

Slide Y-axis unit in 848mm V-slot.

Check whether slide smoothly in the same way as X-axis unit.

Please try to adjust the eccentric spacer with spanner if the slide does not work well.
For adjustment of eccentric spacer, please see “X-axis Assembly” –>”Structure and Adjustment of Eccentric Spacer” in the manual of FABOOL Laser Mini.

X-axis Unit Assembly: Complete

Slide X-axis unit which was removed before in 848mm V-slot again.

Set wheel plate y-axis L unit in 848mm V-Slot like the picture. (the direction is important)
For that, use screw hole of 848mm V-Slot.

Fix them with Two M5×10 low head bolts.

Fix them firmly in the both sides. It may not work properly if they are loose.

Firstly set the direction like the picture, then put M5 T nuts into 848mm V-Slot.
(Upper side:three nuts, Bottom side:two nuts)

Change the direction like the picture. Next put M5 T nuts into 848mm V-Slot.
(Upper side:one nut, Bottom side:one nut)

XY-axis Unit is Completed.