FABOOL Laser CO2(2019~) Manual

Optical Axis Adjustment Laser Tube

For laser tube with laser pointer click here.

No. Parts Name Notes Pictures Qty
67 USB Cable   1
68 AC Cable   1
22 Protection Glasses   1


Read the instructions below well before moving on to the Optical Axis Adjustment.

Usage of Lasers

  • The light generated from lasers is extremely dangerous. Make sure to take precautions to prevent fire, getting burned, and damaging your eyes.
  • DO NOT turn ON the power for the laser until the assembly is completed.
  • Please use so that the laser light does not enter the eyes directly or by reflecting off mirrors or other reflective surfaces.
  • Always wear safety glasses appropriate for the wavelength of the laser you are handling, even if the intensity is low.
  • Do not look at the laser radiation even when wearing protection glasses, even if the laser output is low.
  • DO NOT place objects with high reflectivity around the laser.
  • DO NOT expose any of your body parts to the laser light, even if your body is covered with clothes.
  • DO NOT radiate the laser toward people or things other than compatible processing materials.

Regarding adjustment

Adjust by scorching masking tape, etc. When doing this, if the output of the laser is too strong there is a danger of burning up, so please adjust using a weak output. When the reflecting mirror is installed, make sure the material of the tape doesn’t stick to the [42] Reflecting Mirror when performing the adjustment procedure. There is a risk that the mirror will deteriorate.

Usage in actual operation

  • Use the machine only when there are no burnable, explodable, or volatile solvents in the area.
  • DO NOT process materials that produce harmful gases. Avoid polyvinyl chloride, nylon, polyurethane, etc.
  • Make sure to ventilate properly to eliminate smoke and odor emissions during processing.
  • Only perform laser processing after you confirmed that there is no infant/child around.
  • DO NOT move the machine while you processing.

Assembly Procedure

Please be sure to wear the [22] Protection Glasses during Optical Axis Adjustment.


Do not turn on the laser machine yet at this point. You can manually irradiate the laser by pressing the red TEST button on the [18] Power For Laser. Customers who did not purchase the “”Optical Axis Adjustment Button for CO2 / DS Laser Processing Machine””, please adjust the Optical Axis with this button.

* The laser continues to be irradiated as long as the button is pressed. Please do not press for a long time when adjusting the Optical Axis. A single, firm push is enough.


Customers who purchased the “”Optical Axis Adjustment Button for CO2 / DS Laser Processing Machine”” should first unplug the [76] Laser Cable connected to the [18] Power For Laser, and connect the Optical Axis Adjustment Button there.

27-03.jpg 27-04.jpg

The button on the right side of the photo is the laser irradiation button. The knob on the left side of the photo is for adjusting the power of the laser. The output increases in a counterclockwise (turning to the left) direction. Please use as small output as possible when adjusting.


insert cooling water into the [25] Water Cooling Pump. While usually not a problem when using tap water, freezing may occur in cold climates, so we recommend using antifreeze.

Insert about 80% of the cooling water into the [25] Water Cooling Pump. Do this by first turning the power on the main body to ON to start circulating the cooling water, and add approzimately 80% of the cooling water.

* Please check for water leakage. Circulate the water and leave it for a few minutes, checking to see if water is leaking. Pay attention to the [61] Flow Sensor, [20] Radiator Unit, and [25] Water Cooling Pump for confirmation. If water is leaking please take measures to prevent this by using with sealing tape, etc.


Connect the [67] USB Cable to the [133] PCB Unit. Connect the [68] AC Cable to the main body.


Turn the power switch to ON.


Adjust the Optical Axis using commercially available masking tape or the like.


Adhere to the [32] Mirror Mount and irradiate the laser to adjust its position. Please do not attach the [42] Reflecting Mirror at this time.


If the Optical Axis deviates vertically from the center of the [32] Mirror Mount, adjust the height of the [17] Laser Tube. In the case in the photos, the Optical Axis has deviated upward. This is fixed by lowering the height of the [17] Laser Tube.


Since the screw (marked with the red circle in the photo) of the [56] Tube Mount has a long hole, loosen this screw to adjust the height.

* At the highest position, the laser mount will be caught in the groove of the aluminum frame and will tilt. Please be careful not to raise too much.


Adjust so that it is in the center of the mirror in the vertical axis direction.


Using a leveling device, make sure that the [17] Laser Tube is not tilted. If it is tilted please correct and adjust the [17] Laser Tube height again.