FABOOL Laser CO2(2019~) Manual

Optical Axis Adjustment (Reflecting Mirror #1)

No. Parts Name Notes Pictures Qty
42 Reflecting Mirror   1

Assembly Procedure

Reflecting Mirror Attachment

Remove the front part of the [32] Mirror Mount attached to [15] Aluminum Frame For #1 Mirror.


Remove the mirror fixing ring located inside the [57] Lens Mount that was detached from the [32] Mirror Mount.

* Use a flat-head screwdriver or the like if needed if you cannot remove by hand.


Referring to the photo, attach the [42] Reflecting Mirror.

* The reverse side of the mirror is seen in the photo.


Attach the mirror fixing ring. Please install so that the [42] Reflecting Mirror does not rattle. Note the correct direction. The side that reflects like a mirror is the laser radiation side.


Confirm that the [42] Reflecting Mirror is attached like in the photo. Wipe off any dirt or fingerprints made at the time of installation.


There are a total of 4 adjustment screws in 2 positions on the [32] Mirror Mount. Use them for adjusting the tilt of the mirror. The screws circled in blue are for shortening the distance between the two plates, and the screws in red are for widening the distance. There are two ways to adjust – “”loosen the blue and push out with red”” and “loosen the red and pull in with blue”. Use the appropriate method based on the tilt of the laser radiation.

* More specific examples of adjusting using the adjustment screws will be explained later in this process.


Wobbling/rattling after adjustment can be prevented by applying sealant/threadlocker to the screw for securing the [32] Mirror Mount.


After affixing masking tape on Mirror #1, check the safety of yourself and the surroundings, then radiate the laser momentarily. The dot in the picture is a bit off to the right, so move the mirror mount the distance that the dot is off from the center. (To move it, loosen the screws that are fixing the [32] Mirror Mount to the aluminum frame.)


Adjust so that the dot is in the center.


After adjusting, attach the [42] Reflecting Mirror to the [32] Mirror Mount #1.


Apply masking tape over the laser hole on the [120] Inner cover and radiate the laser.


If the dot is off in the horizontal direction, adjust the tilt of the [32] Mirror Mount. Make adjustments slightly, little by little, as a small change of tilt results in a big change of dot position, which can be very dangerous.


Adjust so that the dot is in the center.


Turn OFF the power to the main unit once.


Move the XY-axis by hand so that the [32] Mirror Mount #2 is at its closet point to Mirror Mount #1.

* When moving the axes by hand, do not radiate the laser.


If #2 mirror is far, the dot might deviate from the center so try from the closest point first.

* If it is deviating greatly at this point, adjust the tilt first, then proceed to the next step.


Next, radiate the laser again in the middle of the Y-axis.

* If it is deviating greatly at this point, adjust the tilt first, then proceed to the next step.


The picture below implies that #1 mirror is tilted a bit to the left. Correct the tilt using the adjustment screws in the [32] Mirror Mount.


Adjustment Examples

Below are examples of angle changes when the adjustment screws on the [32] Mirror Mount are moved. We will use the dots in the pictures below as references.


Turn the screw circled in red to push out.


The dot moves to the left in the horizontal direction. It moves to the right when turning the screw circled in blue to pull in.


To move the dot in the vertical direction, adjust the other screws. Pushing out with the red circled screw moves the dot upward. Conversely, pulling in with the blue moves the dot downward.


Adjust so that lateral misalignment will be reduced even if the laser is irradiated at the front and back in the Y axis direction. In the same way, adjust the deviation of the vertical axis using the adjustment screws of the [32] Mirror Mount.


There are cases where even after Optical Axis adjustment the irradiation position of #2 mirror deviates from the center of the mirror, as shown in the photo. In those cases, adjust [15] Aluminum Frame For #1 Mirror itself.


Do this by moving the #1 mirror little by little in the horizontal direction together with the aluminum frame and adjust. Move the aluminum frame in parallel.

* If the Aluminum Frame for the #1 mirror becomes tilted, the Optical Axis deviates greatly so please be careful.


Confirm again at multiple positions on the Y-axis that the laser radiation is in the center of mirror.