FABOOL Laser DS (2018/08~) Manual

Water Cooling Device Assembly

No. Parts Name Notes Pictures Qty
86 Water Cooling Pump   1
191 Water Cooling Pump Mount   2
78 Utility BKT2  
126 Hex Socket Head Cap Screw   4
87 Tank   1
192 Tank Hose Connection Fitting   2
  Lid Tank included  

Assembly Procedure

Water cooling pump assembly

Install 2 [191] water cooling pump mounts to [86] water cooling pump.


Please note that [78] Utility BKT2 and [86] water cooling pump have installation direction of water cooling pump. Please make protrusion of [78] Utility BKT2 to the back.


Install [86] water cooling pump to [78] utility BKT2 by 4 [126] M3x6 hex socket head cap screw.


Tank assembly

Install [192] tank hose connection fitting to [87] tank. Please tighten it by pliers until you can’t handle it.


Install 2 lids attached lids to [87] tank to mounting holes up and down.

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