FABOOL Laser DS (2018/08~) Manual

XY axis unit Assembly

No. Parts Name Notes Pictures Qty
34 V-slot 1348mm   1
16 Wheel Plate y-axis   2
17 Wheel Plate x-axis   1
30 Timing Pulley   1
29 Stepper Motor   3
15 Wheel Plate Motor Mount   1
126 M3x6 Hex Socket Head Cap Screw   12
145 M5x8 Low Head Screw   4
203 M3 Set Screw    2

Assembly Procedure

Handling of wheel plate motor mount

Please note that there is installation direction to [15] wheel plate motor mount.


Install [15] wheel plate motor mount. to [29] stepper motor by 4 [126]M3x6 hex socket head cap screws.


Please install screw holes of either side in accordance with shaft notch of [29] stepper motor.


Install [30] timing pulley by2 [203] Set Screw.

*Because set screw installed by timing pulley will be adjusted later for height ,please stop it temporarily.


Remove M5 nylon nut of 2 places on the top of [17] Wheel Plate x-axis.


Put [15] Wheel Plate Motor Mount through [17] Wheel Plate x-axis.

Please note that there is direction in [15] Wheel Plate Motor Mount.


Install removed M5 nylon nut.


Handling of Wheel Plate y-axis

Put [29] stepper motor to [16] wheel plate y-axis by the direction of picture.

Wheel plate y-axis and y axis R are divided by the direction of connector of [29] stepper motor.  


Install it by 8 [126] M3x6 hex socket head cap screws.


XY axis unit assembly

Put [17] wheel plate x-axis through the groove of [34] V-slot 1348mm.

4-10.jpg 4-11.jpg

Install [16] wheel plate y axis L/R to both ends of [34]V-slot 1348mm by 4 [145]M5x8 low head screw.

4-12.jpg 4-13.jpg 4-14.jpg