Flame Damper Kit Manual

Flame Damper Kit

Flame Damper Kit Assembly


Parts List



Parts name Qty
Compressor  1
Rubber Hose  1
Joint  1
Hose Clip  2
Polyurethane Tube  2m



Flame Damper Assembly


1: Attach the joint to rubber hose like a picture of below.


2: Attach the hose clip to the rubber hose like ( Make sure that clip holds the joint under the rubber hose too )


3: Attach the other side of rubber hose to compressor with a hose clip.


4: Attach the polyurethane tube to the top of the joint.


5: Attach the other side of polyurethane tube to acrylic panel touch connector of FABOOL laser CO2 like the picture of below.



Air Volume Adjustment

You can adjust air volume with the grip of joint.