FABOOL Desktop Manual

03. How to use FABOOL Desktop

How to Use the Desktop / Features


In this section, we introduce features in each page of FABOOL Desktop.


Create Account

You need your account in order to use FABOOL Desktop.

Please create your account if you don’t have one yet.

*You will have a access to our forum page with that account too.



Main Page

In this page, you can import and modify processing data, change settings of processing parameters (laser output and head speed), control start and stop.


1.File Area

Function icons are here. Such as opening data, saving, pulling preset parameter etc.

2.Utility Area

Links for manual, and support page. You also can change the settings here.

3.Editing Tools:

Icons such as importing,, copy, delete, undo, and others are all here.

4.Settings for Objects

Enter values for size and angle to adjust the imported data.
*You can also make adjustments directly on the canvas with drag&drop.

Imported data appears here and you can move/scale/rotate with drop & drag.
*Left upper part in the canvas area is the origin. Origin of the machine is where the laser head returns.

6.Motion Control

In addition to start, pause, and stop, check processing area before process starts.

*Import the data and click on [Check Boundary] to see the laser head moves along the boundary.

7.Settings for Processing Parameters:
Sets processing parameters (laser output:0~100%, speed of laser head:0~8,000 mm/min) for each imported data, and for each color for SVG data.
*To repeat same motion for cutting purpose, click on [Add JOB] and set parameters.

8.Status Bar:
– Connection status shows as “Connected” or “Not Connected”.
– When the door is open it shows as ” Door Open”


From Importing Data to Start Cutting/Engraving


This section explains the procedure from importing data using FABOOL Desktop to start operating FABOOL Laser Mini. This includes how to set parameters for each color and repeated processing by “adding path”.

Please use the following sample processing data for trial.

Download these two sample data, open ZIP files and save.

  • Download sample data (1) for vector processing here.
  • Download sample data (2) for raster processing here.


Power and USB Connection

Put power cable into the machine body. Connect the machine and PC with a USB cable.


Adjusting the Height of Laser Head

Place processing material underneath the FABOOL Laser Mini, and adjust the height with height adjustment acrylic laser head.
*For height adjustment, see corresponding section in the assembly manual.

Open New Project

Please open setting dialog page from “Settings” which is located utility area, and check if the model that you are using is chosen.

After you confirm it, please click save.



Importing sample data (1)

Please click on “Import” icon that’s located in editing tools area on main page, and import the sample data that has been saved in your computer on the canvas.


You can move and change the size of data by drag-and-drop.

You also can change the size of data at setting for objects while you click on that data.


Using preset images from library.

This is new function.

This is our original images that you can use freely.

*New images are continuously updating !!


Importing sample data (2)

Next, import sample data (2), and place it right position.


Confirm working area

Please click on check the boundary button which is located at motion control area to confirm the working area.


Setting the parameter

Please set the laser power, moving speed, and repeating times at  Settings for Processing Parameters for each data.

( You can set different parameter per colors for SVG data)


*For example, sample data has 2 colors; black and pink, and this case you can cut only pink by repeating process and you can leave the black as a engrave.


Using preset parameter

This is also new function.

If you choose materials( thickness) from preset parameter, parameter automatically set for the material you choose.

*Please note that parameter will be overwritten if you set your parameter before you choose it from the preset.

*Preset parameter will be continuously updated.


Start processing


Click on start button and start processing.


Other functions


<Confirming the version>

You can check version at “ABOUT” is located in utility area.

(The right side of those 3 icons)



<Update notification>

When the update is available, you can get notification as soon as you open the application.

If you want the notification, please change the setting from setting.


Please see below if it doesn’t work correctly.

<In case it works but laser is off>
Please check if the Foot Switch is all the way pushed.
If it is not pushed enough, laser doesn’t get turned on for the safety.
When Foot Switch is pushed, safety device sign which belongs to status bar on the software turn to green.

<In case DC fan doesn’t work>
When DC fan doesn’t work, please make sure the AC adapter is all the way inserted.
( When it is inserted enough, the LED of plate is turned on.)

When only laser unit’s DC fan doesn’t work, please check laser cable wiring.
When only PCB case’s DC fan doesn’t work, please make sure connector which is a part of connection of DC fan and plate is inserted in right way.


For other issues, please see troubleshooting.