Smart Laser CO2 Manual

Attachment of Working Bed

Attachment of Working Bed

Parts list

parts for attaching working bed
Parts Detail Qty
bed long Acrylic 2
bed short Acrylic 2
M5×8 Hexagon socket head cap screw stainless steel 10
Aluminum frame flat bar 610mm 14

Adjust the position of working bed according to the cutting area
Install the bed long as shown in the picture.
installing bed long

Connect bed short to bed long and attach.
connecting bed long and bed short

While inserting a few flat bars into the groove, adjust the position and fix opposite side as well.
fixing the bed frame

Install the bed frame while keeping the flat bar straight.
installing bed frame

Fix the bed short.
fixing bed short

Please insert all of flat bars into the groove.
inserting all flat bars