Smart Laser CO2 Manual

Attachment of Cover Bottom

Attachment of Cover Bottom

Parts list

parts list for attachment of cover bottom
Parts Detail Qty
cover bottom SPCC 2
Rubber feet C-30-RK-40 4
M5×20 Hexagon socket head cap screw stainless steel 4
M5 nut stainless steel 4
M5×6 truss stainless steel 12

Please make sure the orientation of the body frame is as show in the picture.
orientation of the body frame

Please attach rubber feet to the attachment hole.
Fix rubber feet to cover bottom using M5×20 hexagon socket head cap screw and M5 T-nut.
fixing rubber feet

fixing rubber feet

Attach rubber feet to 4 places.
fixing rubber feet to all four points

Attach cover bottom to the body using pre-inserted M5 T-nut and M5×6 truss.