Smart Laser CO2 Manual

Assembly and Adjustment of X-axis Unit

Assembly and Adjustment of X-axis Unit

parts list

list of parts
Parts Detail Qty
X-axis frame unit Pre-assembled 1
X-axis motor unit Pre-assembled 1
X-axis solid v wheel unit Pre-assembled 4
8.5mm Spacer Aluminum 4
12mm Spacer Aluminum 2
M5 T-nut Pre-assembly insertion M5-Nuts 2
M5 Nylon nut lock nut 2

Attachment of X-axis Unit

Top of the frame unit is the shorter end and the bottom is longer end. See picture for reference.
orientation of frame unit

Insert two M5 T nuts to the motor unit as shown in the picture.
inserting M5 T nuts to motor unit

Using the picture for reference, insert the M5x40 hexagon socket head cap screws into the Black Angle Corner Connector. Next put on the 8.5mm spacer and the solid v wheel unit.
inserting spacer and solid v wheel to black angle corner connector

Insert the 12mm spacer.
inserting the 12mm spacer

Fix it to the motor unit with the pre-installed M5 T-nut.
fixing spacer to the motor unit

Place it in the middle.
placing the wheels in the middle

placing the wheels in the middle

Attach the unit to the body of x-axis v-slot as shown in the picture. Make sure it slides in along the groove of v-slot.
installing the motor to the body frame

Loosen the two upper screws on x-axis unit a little bit and slightly push down the the x-axis unit. Align the x-axis unit and x-axis v-slot parallel and tighten the screws again.
adjusting the x-axis unit and x-axis v-slot

Assemble the bottom two parts of x-axis in the following procedure.
Do the procedure while x-axis unit attached to x-axis v-slot. If you assemble it without attaching it to x-axis v-slot, it will not fit in later.
Insert the M5*30 low head bolt to Black Angle Corner Connector.
Insert in the order of 8.5m spacer and solid v wheel, and fix with M5 nylon nut.
Make sure not to fix it tightly since we will make adjustments later.
inserting a spacer

inserting a solid v wheel

fixing it with nylon nut

While pushing the x-axis down, push up the bottom two wheels of x-axis unit into the groove and fix them.
fixing the x-axis unit

If it rattles, loosen the bottom two wheels and make adjustments until there is not rattles or tilts.
adjustment of x-axis

Make sure the x-axis unit is not slanted in any direction. Make adjustments if it is slanted.
final adjustment of x-axis unit

final adjustment of x-axis unit