Smart Laser CO2 Manual

Assembly and Adjustment of Y-axis Unit

Assembly and Adjustment of Y-axis Unit

Parts list

parts list for assembly and adjustment of y-axis unit
Parts Details Qty
Y-axis motor unit L Pre-assembled 1
Y-axis motor unit R Pre-assembled 1
Y-axis frame unit L Pre-assembled 1
Y-axis frame unit R Pre-assembled 1
solid v wheel unit Pre-assembled 8
12mm Spacer aluminum 16
M5×8 Low Head bolt 8
M5 T-nut Pre-assembly insertion M5-Nuts 8
M5 Nylon nut Loosening nut 8

Assembling Y-axis Frame Unit

There is no difference between L and R unit in this Y-axis unit process.
We will use “solid v wheel unit” and “Y-axis frame unit“.
Please put solid v wheel unit through the 12mm spacer.
12mm spacer through the solid v wheel

Put the 12mm spacer in a hole of Black Angle Corner Connector on Y-axis frame unit.
attaching 12mm spacer to y-axis frame unit

Fix lightly using the nylon nut.
fixing the 12mm spacer with nylon nut

Do the same for other three Black Angle Corner Connector.
attaching four 12mm spacer

Adjustment of Y-axis Frame Unit

Please refer to “Reference:Adjustment of V-slot” for adjustment of Y-axis Unit.

Pass the 806mm V-slot through the Y-axis unit, see pictures for reference.
installing y-ais unit to 806mm v-slot

Fix the two solid v wheels on the top while making sure that the 806mm V-slot and Y-axis unit are at the same height horizontally.
aligning y-axis unit and aluminum frame

Fix two wheels on the bottom so that they touch the 860mm v-slot.
fixing solid v wheels

Install it on the V-slot aluminum frame of body.
installing the y-axis unit on body frame

Check again that V-slot and aluminum frame of y-axis unit are at the same height.If it’s not at the same height or tilting, make adjustments so that it looks like the one in the picture.
installing and adjusting the y-axis motor unit

Check if there is any rattling.
checking rattles

Check to make sure it is not tilted.
checking tilt

If there is any rattles or tilt, loosen the two slid v wheels on the bottom, place them on the groove of the v-slot and tighten again. Make adjustments until there is not rattles or tilts.
removing rattles and tilts

Adjust the other set in the same way.
adjusting the other y-axis unit

Attachment of Y-axis Frame Unit L and Motor Unit

Attach Y-axis motor unit to Y-axis frame unit.
Orientation of connector of the motor is different for y-axis frame unit L and y-axis frame unit R.
Attach it using M5 T-nut and M5×8 low head bolt as shown in the picture. Watch for the orientation of the connector.
installing y-axis motor unit

installing y-axis motor unit

Make sure the stepping motor does not touch the Black Angle Corner Connector.
position of stepping motor

Attachment of Y-axis Frame Unit R and Motor Unit

Assemble Y-axis frame unit R in the same way.
assembly of y-axis frame unit R

assembly of y-axis frame unit R

assembly of y-axis frame unit