Smart Laser CO2 Manual

The #1 reflection mirror optical axis adjustment

Reflection mirror

How to attach the reflection mirror

Please take the front part of mirror mount out.
removing the front part of mirror mount

Take out the screw for fixing mirror.
removing the screws for fixing mirror

Install the reflective mirror.
installing reflective mirror

Please fix the reflective mirror with the screw for fixing mirror.
fixing reflective mirror

Please be careful of the orientation. The side that reflects like a mirror is the side for laser radiation.
orientation of mirror

How to use the mirror mount adjustment screws

There are two adjusting screws placed on a mirror mount. They are for adjusting a slight leaning of the mirror.
The screw in the blue circle is for pulling the mirror and the screw in the red circle is for pushing the mirror out.
To use it there are two ways, firstly loosen the blue one and push the red one out and secondly loosen the red one and pull the blue one out.Choose a way depending on the laser beam angle.
mirror mount adjustment screws

Examples of the adjustment

This is an example of angled laser beam when the adjustment mirror mount adjustment screw is adjusted.
The photo shows a spot of an original laser beam.
angled laser radiation

Pushing the red circle screw out.
adjusting the mirror mount adjustment screws

It tilts toward left side.
If pulled, it tilts to the right.
tilting the mirror mount

Please move the other screw.
Push the red circled screw out.

It goes on the top side towards the Vertical axis.
If pulled, it angles to the down.

Screw lock

Attaching the screw lock on the screw that is for fixing the mirror mount will help to prevent backlash after adjustment.

The #1 mirror adjustment

Put a reflection mirror on the first mirror referring to the instruction of putting the reflection mirror

Traverse way

After adjusting the length of the laser, adjust the diverse way of the first mirror.
It’s on the right side in the photo, so move the mirror mount the same amount towards the left in the photo (the back side of the body) as it’s not in the center.

Please adjust it so that the point come to the center.

inner cover

Paste masking tape on the hole of the laser light path on the inner cover and irradiate the laser.

If it’s horizontal from the center, adjust the angle of the mirror mount. Just a slight angle will make a big move. So, adjust it slowly.

Please adjust so that the point come to the center.

Irradiate to the #2 mirror

Irradiate the laser at the original position using software.
When the position of the second mirror is far away, it may be too far out from the center so give it a go from a close distance

Irradiate one more time in the middle of the process area on the Y axis side.

Irradiate right next to the outline of process area along the Y axis.
If it’s too far from the mirror mount at the origin and middle, try again after adjusting the angle.

Fix angles a little bit at a time using an adjustment screw of the mirror mount.
Move the Y axis and adjust it so that there’s no slip right next to the process area and the original position.
Also, adjust the slip of the vertical axis by using the adjusting screw of the mirror mount.

It may still slip horizontally even though the Y axis was moved and the angle is adjusted.

If that’s the case, move the first mirror including the aluminum frame all together horizontally.
Move the aluminum frame to be parallel.

Once again, check each part of the Y axis if the laser beam is coming in the center of the mirror.