Etcher Laser app Manual

Connection to machine

This section explains how to connect the app to the Etcher Laser.

Wi-Fi connection method between smartphone and Etcher Laser

To operate the Etcher Laser from the app, you need to connect your smartphone and your Etcher Laser via Wi-Fi. There are two types of Wi-Fi connection methods.

Direct connection to EtcherLaser

Connect the EtcherLaser app to the Etcher Laser machine using the machine as an access point. This connection method is shown in the app as the “Connection Guide”. It can be connected easily and does not require a router, but you cannot connect to the Internet via your phone while connected.


Connect to EtcherLaser via Wi-Fi router

If you have a Wi-Fi router, you can connect to EtcherLaser via this router. The instructions are as follows.

EtcherLaser only supports 2.4GHz.
When connecting to the router, connect with 2.4GHz.
*In many cases, characters such as "G" and "2G" are included in the SSID.
  1. Connect directly to EtcherLaser.
  2. Open the EtcherLaser App > Settings > Wi-Fi settings and enter the account information for your Wi-Fi router.
  3. Tap the write button and restart EtcherLaser when the write is complete.
  4. Change the Wi-Fi connection destination of the smartphone to your Wi-Fi router.

A Wi-Fi router is required, but with this method you can operate the Etcher Laser while connected to the Internet (as long as the Wi-Fi router is connected to the Internet).


How to connect the app and the Etcher Laser

After connecting to the Etcher Laser via Wi-Fi, a list of Etcher Lasers that can be connected to will be displayed. Tap the Etcher Laser you want to use, and connecting is complete.