FABOOL Laser Mini Expansion Frame Kit Manual

Laser Unit Height Adjustment and Preparation

Laser Unit Height Adjustment

※When operating the FABOOL Laser Mini, the laser unit must be 3mm above the material to be processed. Anytime there is a change in the thickness of the material to be processed, height adjustments to the laser unit must be made using the acrylic (3mm in thickness) according to the procedure below.

Use height adjustment acrylic (part ID: A-5) included.
※Remove protective covering used during shipping from acrylic before using.


How to Adjust Height

1) After setting up the material to be processed in the FABOOL Laser Mini, place the height adjustment acrylic atop the material, right under the laser unit down as shown below.

k9-8.jpg k9-10.jpg

2) Loosening the side screw of the optic carrier on the laser unit, bring the laser until down until it makes contact with the height adjustment acrylic. Then set the laser unit in this position by retightening the screw. Remember to remove the height adjustment acrylic after the adjustment.

k9-9.jpg k9-11.jpg k9-2.jpg

Caution: If the dial is not tight, the optic carrier may loosen and cause the laser unit to fall during operation.


After height adjustment, the laser should appear as thusly.
When the height adjustment acrylic is removed, the laser unit may lean forward; however, this is not an issue as long as the rear side (the side inscribed with 1.6W/3.5W) is remains 3mm above the processing surface.


Preparing to Begin Processing

Parts List

Parts Name Parts ID Pictures Qty
AC Adaptor D-6 1
AC Cable D-6 1
USB Cable B-1 1

※For the parts ID, check FABOOL Laser Mini Packing List.

Operation Check

※In this step, the laser is set not to radiate just by connecting the power source. If, however, it does begin to radiate, disconnect the power source immediately, halt assembly, and contact us.

※As an additional precaution, wear the protection glasses provided , and place something (such as a wooden board) beneath the laser unit to protect the floor surface before connecting the power source.

Connect [D-6] AC cable to AC adapter.

10-6.jpg 10-13.jpg

Connect AC adapter to PCB case.


Connect [B-1] USB cable to PCB case.


Connect the opposite end of the [B-1] USB cable to your PC.


Connect [D-6] AC cable to wall outlet.


Ensure that PCB case DC fan is on.


Ensure that laser unit DC fan is on and the fan is moving.


Establishing Safeguard Material for Base

※Ensure that a board is in place to protect the base.
・The use of an incombustible material such as an iron or stainless plate (dark colored so as not to reflect laser light) is highly recommended. Ensure that board is large enough to cover entirety of working space.

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