Frame Set for Expansion Manual

04. Assembly of X-axis

Installation of Plate

Insert V-slot 1210mm in between rollers of mini v plate_C


Next, install FLM_mini v plate_R_2040_1m on the left side (in the picture) of V-slot 1210mm.
Required parts are shown in the picture.


Insert two M5 T nut in V-slot 1210mm from the left.


Install FLM_mini v plate_R_2040_1m at the position where you inserted M5 T nut using four M5×8 low head bolt. Align the position of FLM_mini v plate_R_2040_1m with a place where “the end of V slot matches perfectly with the groove on the back of FLM_mini v plate_R_2040_1m.” (See the picture below)


Next, install FLM_mini v plate_L_2040_1m on the right end (opposite side of earlier installation).
Required parts are the following.


In the same procedure as earlier, insert four M5 T nut in V slot from right side.


Similarly, align the position of FLM_mini v plate_L_2040_1m with a place where “the end of V slot matches perfectly with the groove on the back of FLM_mini v plate_L_2040_1m.” (See the picture below)


Installation of Motor

Install a motor using M5×8 low head bolt and M5 T nut on the side of FLM_mini v plate_L_2040_1m.
Adjustment of the position of “x-axis motor unit” is to be made later, so fix temporarily for now.


Insert two M5 T nut in the place shown in the picture and install “x-axis motor unit” with two M5×8 low head bolt. For the later process, fix “x-axis motor unit” temporarily at a position where spinner of the stepping motor just hits FLM_mini v plate_L_2040_1m.


Installation of Belt

How to Install Timing Belt

For the installation method, please see the section of timing belt installation in “Assembly of X-axis” which is in the manual of FABOOL Laser Mini for better understanding.

Insert one end of timing belt in a hole on the left side of mini v plate C. Insert it until about 2-3cm sticks out and fix with a cable tie.


For 1.0m kit, pull the timing belt of x-axis through the V-slot and fix on the other side since width of the V-slot on x-axis is wider than normal FABOOL Laser Mini.


Put the timing belt through the red-circled hole.


Hold up the x-axis as in the picture and keep inserting until the timing belt comes out from the other side.


Once it comes out from the other side, put the other side of timing belt in a hole on the right side of mini v plate C and fix with a cable tie. Insert it until 6-7cm sticks out.


Next, to tighten the timing belt, loosen the screw fixing the “x-axis motor unit”, pull it in the direction shown in the picture, and tighten the screw again. Make sure that the motor and V-slot align parallel.


Tightness of Timing Belt

For the tightness of timing belt, please see the section about tightness of timing belt in “Assembly of X-axis” in the manual of normal FABOOL Laser Mini.

Mounting of Screws to Fix Laser Cables

Mount M4×40 hex socket head cap bolt on mini v plate_C. Tighten it until it stops.