Frame Set for Expansion Manual

05. Assembly of Y-axis

Assembly of Y-axis

Assembly of Y-axis is the same as assembly of y-axis for FABOOL Laser Mini. The position you insert M5 T nut is also the same. Combine the three V-slot 1170mm on the flat surface as in the picture.


Place the assembled frame on a table and slide in the “X-axis unit” you assembled in the previous section by putting the frame of V-slot in between the rollers. (see picture)


Install the last frame. Insert two M5 T nuts to install the board case later.


Adjustment and Check of Y-axis

Check the movement of Y-axis manually. The right state where the x-axis unit naturally slides down when the body is stood up as it is in the video. If is does not slide smoothly, make adjustment of eccentric spacer on mini v plate_R and mini v plate_L.
Turn the eccentric spacer on both sides by little to make adjustments. Turn the eccentric spacer on one side, first.

Adjustment of Y-axis

Install Y-axis motor unit and idler pulley plate. Please see “Assembly of Y-axis” for FABOOL Laser Mini for installation position.


Install Y-axis timing belt. Leave 2-3cm on both sides when installing.


Leave a long portion on the opposite side as in the picture. Fix with a cable tie while leaving enough length so that the timing belt bends a bit.


Loosen a screw on the side of idler pulley plate, and tighten it while pulling the timing belt in the direction shown in the picture to tighten the timing belt. Cut off rest of the timing belt.


Cut off excessive part of cable ties.


Do the same on the other side.