Exhaust Fan Kit for FABOOL Laser Mini Manual

Exhaust Fan Kit for FABOOL Laser Mini

Assembly of Exhaust Fan Kit for FABOOL Laser Mini

Part Qty
Exhaust fan 1
Exhaust duct 2
Duct catch 3
Rubber for fixing safety cover 2


Attaching Exhaust Duct

First, attach exhaust duct on both sides of exhaust fan using catch for duct.


To tighten the duct catch, turn the red-circled part shown in the picture with screw driver.


Air flows in the direction of the arrow on the fan, so left side is Safety Cover (FABOOL Laser Mini) side and right side is exhaust port side.


If you are using Safety Cover for FABOOL Laser Mini, place the two rubbers around exhaust socket on the back of Safety Cover, hold the rubbers, and place the exhaust duct on top of it.
*Layer the two rubbers.


Use duct catch to fix duct as was in the previous process.
*Fix the catch on top of rubbers for fixing Safety Cover.


To finish up, put the other end of duct (exhaust port side) outside of the room.

Exhaust Fan Kit can be used without the Safety Cover as shown in the picture at less effectiveness for collecting fumes.