FABOOL Laser CO2 Manual

Cover Attachment, Assembly Final

Parts List

Parts Qty
cover top back 1
cover back 1
cover back acrylic 1
M5×8 low head bolt 4
M5×6 low head bolt 14

cover back attachment

Attach cover back with M5×6 low head bolt.


Duct attachment

【* If you purchase the Exhaust Fan Kit, please attach the duct following instruction here.】
Put hose clip on washer socket.
(*Do not tighten it yet.)

Duct attachment

Connect duct to the washer socket.

Duct attachment

Tighten the hose clip with driver and tighten the duct.
(*Tightening too hard will break the duct. Please be careful not to tighten it too hard.)

Duct attachment Duct attachment

cover top back attachment

Attach cover top back with M5x6 low head bolt.

cover top back

Attach cover back acrylic using M5x8 low head bolt.

cover backアクリル

Assembly of body of FABOOL Laser CO2 is completed!