FABOOL Laser CO2 Manual

Cover Bottom Attachement

Parts List

Part Qty
cover bottom 2 kinds 2
rubber foot 4
M5×20 hex socket head cap bolt 4
M5 nut 4
M5×6 low head bolt 13

Attaching Rubber Foot

Attaching two rubber feet on each of two kinds of cover bottom. Use M5x20 hex socket head cap bolt and M5 nut to fix them.

See the picture for attaching position.

Attaching to Frame

Place the body frame as shown in the picture to attach cover bottom.

Attach cover bottom to the position shown in the picture using M5x6 low head bolt. (total 13 points)
(Before attaching a bolt, match the M5 T nut inserted earlier to the position of holes of cover bottom.)

This is the end of this chapter.