FABOOL Laser CO2 Manual


Check and Maintenance

Please check and do the maintenance of the below points every time before using FABOOL Laser CO2.

!!Please unplug the power cable when doing the maintenance.!!

– Check that there is no dust or rubbish under the working bed.
–> If there is, remove the flat bar and clean.


– Check cleanness of reflection mirror / condenser lens
–> If they are dirty, clean them with soft cloth without touching the lens. (Please wash your hands well before and after the cleaning.)

maintenance-02 maintenance-04

– Check cleanness of the axis (V-slot) / tar
–> Wipe off the dust with cloth or paper towel as needed. Using silicon spray gives smooth moves.


Periodical Check, Maintenance

Please do the following check and maintenance once every two weeks or every month depending on the frequency of use.
– Tightness of timing belt
–> If it is loose, tighten it again.


– Check cleanness of timing pulley
–> If it is dirty, wipe with cloth.


– Check optical axis
–> If the optical axis is misaligned, follow the instruction on [Optical Axis Adjustment] and adjust again.