FABOOL Laser CO2 Manual

Optical Axis Adjustment #1 Reflection Mirror

Reflection Mirror Attachment

Detach the front part of mirror mount.


Detach screw-for-fixing-mirror.
(*Use screw driver as needed.)


Attach reflection mirror.


Attach reflection mirror with screw-for-fixing-mirror.


Please watch for the direction. The side that reflects like a mirror is laser radiation side.


How to Use Screw-for-mirror-mount

There are two screws for adjustment on the mirror mount. Use them to adjust tilt of mirror.

Screw circled in blue is for shortening the distance between two plates and the one in red is for widening the distance.
The ways to adjust is “loosen the blue and push out with red” and “loosen the red and push in with blue”.
Use appropriate one according to the tilt of laser radiation.

*More specific ways of making adjustments with adjusting screws will be introduced later.


Screw Lock

Attaching screw lock to the screw for mirror mount will prevent the wobble after adjustment.


#1 Mirror Adjustment

After pasting masking tape on #1 mirror, check the safety of surroundings and yourself, and radiate the laser momentarily.The dot in the picture is a bit to right, so move the mirror mount the distance that the dot is apart from the center. (To move it, loosen the screws that are fixing mirror mount and aluminum frame.)

reflection01-e1477911587343 adjustment-reflection-09

Adjust it so that the dot is in the center.


After making adjustment, attach reflection mirror to #1 mirror mount.

Mirror Adjustment

Inner Cover

Paste masking tape on laser hole on inner cover and radiate the laser.


If the dot is out in horizontal direction, adjust the tilt of mirror mount. Make adjustments slightly, little by little, as a small change of tilt results in a big change of dot position.

Mirror Adjustment

Adjust it so that it is in the center.


Radiation on #2 Mirror

Turn the power off. Then move the XY-axis by hand so that the #2 mirror mount is at closet point to the #1 mirror mount.
*When moving the axis by hand, do not radiate the laser.

If the #2 mirror is far, the dot might deviate from the center so try from the closest point first.

Radiation on #2 Mirror

*If it is deviating greatly at this point, adjust the tilt first and proceed to the next step.
Next, radiate the laser again in the middle of Y-axis.

Radiation on #2 Mirror

*If it is deviating greatly at this point, adjust the tilt first and proceed to the next step.
Lastly, radiate the laser at the maximum point of Y-axis.

Radiation on #2 Mirror

The picture above implies that the #1 mirror is tilted a little bit to the left.
Adjust the tilt using adjustment screws in mirror mount.

Adjustment Examples

Below is the examples of angle changes when adjustment screws on mirror mount is moved.
We will uses the dot in the picture below as a reference.

Adjustment Examples

Push out the red circled screw.


The dot moves to the left.
It moves to the right when pulling the red circled screw.

Adjustment Examples

To move the dot in vertical direction, adjust the other screw.
Pushing the red circled screw moves the dot upward.
Pulling it moves the dot downward.


End of adjustment examples

Radiating on #2 Mirror, continue

Make adjustment so that the deviation is as little as possible in horizontal direction when radiating the laser at multiple points on Y-axis.
(Do the same for deviation on Y-axis direction. Make adjustments using the adjustment screw on mirror mount.)

Radiating on #2 Mirror, continue Radiating on #2 Mirror, continue

After the adjustment above is done, the radiation point on #2 mirror might be deviating from the center as in the picture.

If that is the case, adjust by moving the #1 mirror along with the aluminum frame to the side.
Move the aluminum frame parallel.


Again, check at multiple positions on Y-axis that the laser radiation is in the center of mirror.


This is the end of #1 mirror adjustment.