FABOOL Laser CO2 Manual

Optical Axis Adjustment – Laser Tube


Please read below before doing optical adjustment.

Dealing with Laser

– Laser radiation is very dangerous. Please be careful of fire, burn, damages to eyes and other injuries.
– Do not turn the laser power on until all assembly is completed.
– Use protection glasses that matches with the waves of laser when using laser.
– Do not look at the laser radiation even if the laser output is low or with protection glasses.
– Do not put highly reflective objects around the machine.
– Do not radiate the laser on any body part even through clothes.
– Do not radiate the laser toward people or things other than the processing material.


– Make adjustments by pasting masking page on the laser mount. If laser output is strong, it might burn the masking tape so please set it low.
– If you are making adjustment with reflective mirror using masking page, please be careful so that the tape does not touch the mirror as it might damage the mirror.


– Do not put flammable things near the machine.
– Do not process materials that emit hazardous gas, such as nylon, polyurethane, and polyvinyl chloride.
– Please take come ventilate measures for the smoke emitted during processing.
– Please make sure there are not kids or babies about the machine when operating it.
– Do not move the machine while operation.

Protection Glasses

Please wear CO2 laser protection glasses when making optical adjustment.


Preparation for Laser Adjustment

Radiation Button

Do not turn the power of laser machine on at this stage.
Laser can be radiated automatically by pushing the red button on the laser power.
If you have not purchased [Button for Optical Adjustment], please use this button to make adjustments.

Radiation Button

*Laser keeps radiating as long as the button is pushed. Do not irradiate it for a long time when making optical adjustments. Pushing for a short time is good enough for adjustment.

Button for Optical Adjustment – Connection

If you have purchased [Button for Optical Adjustment], please connect and use it.


Connect it to the laser power.

Button for Optical Adjustment

Red button on the right is laser radiation button.
Knob on the left is for laser output adjustment.
For higher output, turn the knob counterclockwise. Make adjustments at low output.


Put water into water cooling pump

Put water into water cooling pump befire cover attachement. Usually tap water is fine, but Coolant is better in the places that water freezes.
Turn the power on, and fill up the water tank with water.
The water start to circulate, so please keep put the water till you can keep 80% of the tank.

Please check and be aware if there is any leak.

Turning Power On

Connect AC cable and turn the power on.

Turning Power On Turning Power On

Tape for Optical Adjustment

Make optical adjustment using masking tape or some alternatives.


Paste it on mirror mount and adjust the radiation spot.

Tape for Optical Adjustment

Laser Tube Height Adjustment

Do not attache the reflection mirror at this moment.
Adjust the height of laser tube. Radiate the laser to check the position.

Laser Tube Height Adjustment

【Height adjustment of Laser mount】

Red circled screw holes are long one, so that please adjust the height of Laser mount with loosen the screws.
* There is a possibility that the laser mount would be stuck into the groove of aluminium frame and tilted if you set it to the highest point.

Case by Laser mount Case by Laser mount

If the dot is in upper area, turn the laser tube downward.

Laser Tube Height Adjustment

If the dot is in lower area, turn the laser tube upward.

Laser Tube Height Adjustment

Adjust it so that the dot is in the center in vertical direction.

Laser Tube Height Adjustment

Check that laser tube is not tilted using a level or alternatives.
If it is tiled, adjust the height of laser tube again.

Laser Tube Height Adjustment

Please move on to the next section “Optical Adjustment #1 Reflection Mirror” with this state.