FABOOL Laser CO2 Manual

Wiring DC Line

Parts List

Part Qty
Y-axis cable carrier 2
X-axis cable carrier 1
urethane tube 1
X-Motor cable 1
cable tie catch 7
M3 post-in nut 7
M3×6 hex socket head cap bolt 7
cable tie 7

*If you purchased “Optional Positioning Kit” please prepare it as well.

Parts List

Part Qty
Pointer cable 1

Cable Tie Catch Attachment

First, attach seven cable tie catches at the position shown in the picture.
Use M3 post-in nut and M3x6 hex socket head cap bolt.

Y-axis R, Wiring

Tie up the two cables using the cable tie catch installed in the previous process and two cable ties.

Next, put Y-Motor-R cable through Y-axis cable carrier.

As shown in the picture, attach Y-axis cable carrier to the cable carrier mount bracket installed earlier.

Tie up the Y-Motor-R cable and other two cables tied earlier.

Insert them into the hole along with Y1-Limit at the corner of inner acrylic.

X-axis, Y-axis-L, Wiring

First, insert the following cables to X-axis cable carrier.
– X-Motor cable (everyone)
– polyurethane tube (everyone)
– Pointer cable (only for users who purchased the Positioning Kit).

*Pictures below include Pointer cable.

First, put together the cables with masking tape so that it goes through the cable carrier smoothly.
(*Please check the connectors at the end of X-Motor cable and Pointer cable as they have different connectors on each end.

Put it through the cable carrier.
(*Please watch for the orientation of cable carrier.)

Next, put together the Y-Motor-L cable and cables you just put through the X-axis cable, and put them through Y-axis cable carrier.

(*Please watch for the orientation of cable carrier.)

It looks like this after putting the cables through two cable carriers.

Attach X-axis cable carrier as shown in the picture.
Connect the X-Motor cable to the stepping motor of X-axis.

For the later process, leave about 38cm of polyurethane tube and Pointer cable from the end of cable carrier as shown in the picture.


Using cable ties, tie up along the X-axis the cables coming out of X-axis cable carrier.

Tie up Y-Motor-L cables with another cable tie.

Similarly, attach Y-axis cable carrier on the other side in the same way.

Tie up the cables coming out of Y-axis cable carrier and out it through the hole at the corner of inner acrylic.

Cut off the end of cable tie.

This is the end of this chapter.