FABOOL Laser CO2 Manual

X-axis Unit Assembly

Parts List


Parts Detail Qty
848mm V-Slot aluminum frame (20 x 40mm) 1
wheel plate motor mount unit 1
wheel plate x-axis unit 1



X-axis Unit Assembly


Unfix two nuts in the upper side from wheel plate x-axis like the picture below.

Set wheel plate motor mount unit in wheel plate x-axis. Please be careful of the direction.
wheel plate motor mountユニット取り付け

Put the two nuts which was removed back in the place.
※Fix firmly not to move wheel plate motor mount unit.
wheel plate motor mountユニット取り付け

Slide X-axis unit in 848mm V-slot.

Check X-axis unit whether it slides smoothly on V-slot.

Here is the movie of the proper slide on V-slot.


Please try to adjust the eccentric spacer with spanner if the slide does not work well.
For adjustment of eccentric spacer, please see “X-axis Assembly” –>”Structure and Adjustment of Eccentric Spacer” in the manual of FABOOL Laser Mini.

After adjustment, please take off X-axis unit from V-slot.

X-axis Unit Assembly is completed.