FABOOL Laser CO2(2019~) Manual

Laser Tube Installation (Laser Tube with Laser Pointer)

For laser tube without laser pointer clickhere.

No. Parts Name Notes Pictures Qty
17 Laser Tube with Laser Pointer 1
28 Laser Tube Mount 2
56 Tube Mount 2
110 M10 Washers 2
109 M10x10 Hex Socket Head Cap Screw 2
31 M5x8 Hex Socket Head Cap Screw 4
97 M3x6 Hex Socket Head Cap Screw 1
89 M3 Post-Assembly Nut 1
38 Cable Ties 3
39 Cable Catch 1

Assembly Procedure

Laser Tube Mount Assembly

Do not remove white cap from red frame.

Unfasten screws holding laser tube mount.

Assemble in the following order: laser tube mount (bottom half), tube mount, M10 washer, M10x10 hex socket bolt. Note that orientation of tube mount is important.

Assemble both sets.

Mount the assembled tube mounts to the center of the back of the aluminum frame 20*40mm 860mm using the eight previously inserted M5T nuts (four) and the M5x8 hex socket bolts (four). Leave one M5T nut off to the left side.

Further adjustments will be made at a later stage, so fasten tentatively as shown in the picture.

Laser Tube Assembly

Mount the laser tube on the laser tube mount so that the gold part to the laser tube is facing left.

Attach so that the mounting port of the red frame faces upwards.

Referencing the picture, attach the top parts of the previously detached laser tube mounts onto the laser tube.

*Do not over-tighten screws as laser tube is made of glass and may shatter.

Position the laser tube as close as possible to the right-side Cover Right.
*If it is positioned too close to the Cover Left side, it may not be possibly to attach the mirror mount at a later stage.

After assembly, ensure that the laser tube does not move. If it does, fasten it down by tightening the screws further. *Do not over-tighten screws as laser tube is made of glass and may shatter.

Fasten down cable tie clamps using M3 post-assembly nut and M3x6 hex socket bolt.

Connect power to laser tube.

Gather the cables with three cable ties and affix them to one area using the cable tie clamps from the previous step.

Referencing the picture, connect the laser pointer to the relay circuit board.