FABOOL Laser CO2(2019~) Manual

Cover top back Installation and Completion of Main Body

No. Parts Name Notes Pictures Qty
124 Cover top back   1
84 M5x6 Low Head Screw   6

Assembly Procedure

Cover top back Installation

Attach the [124] Cover top back using 6 [84] M5x6 Low Head Screws the 6 previously installed [30] M5 Pre-Assembly Nuts.


Duct installation 【Optional: For those that purchased the Exhaust Fan Kit】

Place the hose clip over the [19] Washer Socket.


Fix the duct to the [19] Washer Socket and tighten the hose clip.

* If you tighten too tightly, the [19] Washer Socket may be damaged, so be careful not to overtighten it.