FABOOL Laser CO2(2019~) Manual

Handling of Main Body Frame Components

Handling of hex wrench

When tightening screws, please tighten with the longer L side until a temporary stop. Once the position of the aluminum frame is set, please tighten screws with the shorter L side.


Handling of screws

When tightening screws, please tighten at a right angle to the nut.


Please note that when screws are inclined as seen in the picture, they become the reason for damage and malfunction. When a screw becomes inclined when tightening, please remove the screw and exchange the nut.


Handling of Post-in Nut

Please note the difference between the back and front of the Post-in Nut.


Please insert Post-in Nut in the groove of the aluminum frame with front-side facing up.


Handling of right-angle bracket

The aluminum frame pieces should be attached at right angles to each other.


Place the right angle bracket over the post-in nut and align the two hole positions.


You can fix the right angle bracket in plave by tightening the screws.


Handling of aluminum frame

The aluminum frame pieces can be fixed together with a right angle bracket.


There may be gaps as you build the aluminum frame, but there is no problem as this is just manufacturing tolerance. Assemble according to the specified dimensions of each item.


When fixing the aluminum frame pieces to each other, please confirm that they do not twist when tightening.

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