FABOOL Laser CO2(2019~) Manual

Inner Cover Installation

No. Parts Name Notes Pictures Qty
120 Inner cover   1
49 Hinge   2
84 M5x6 Low Head Screw   6
104 M5x8 Hex Socket Countersunk Head Cap Screw   4

Assembly Procedure

Inner Cover Installation

Align the [120] Inner cover with the mounting position.


Adjust the position so that the previously inserted [30] M5 Pre-Assembly Nuts (2 for each side) are visible through the cut away spaces of the [120] Inner cover corners.

11-02.jpg 11-03.jpg

Attach with the 5 [30] Pre-Assembly Nuts and 6 [84] M5x6 Low Head Screws that were previously inserted.


Hinge installation

Attach 2 [49] Hinges on the left and right with 4 [104] M5x8 Hex Socket Countersunk Head Cap Screws.

11-05.jpg 11-06.jpg 11-07.jpg