FABOOL Laser CO2(2019~) Manual

XY Axis Unit Assembly

No. Parts Name Notes Pictures Qty
1 V-slot 848mm   1
34 Wheel Plate y-axis   1
35 Wheel Plate x-axis   2
50 Wheel Plate Motor Mount   1
44 Timing Pulley   1
33 Stepper Motor   3
30 M5 Pre-Assembly Nut   7
86 M5x10 Low Head Screw   4
97 M3x6 Hex Socket Head Cap Screw   12
134 Set Screw   2

Assembly Procedure

Wheel Plate Motor Mount Attachment

Please note that there is a correct installation direction for the [50] Wheel Plate Motor Mount.


Attach the [33] Stepper Motor to the [50] Wheel Plate Motor Mount with 4 [97] M3x6 Hex Socket Head Cap Screws.


Align screw holes of either side in accordance with the shaft notch of the [33] Stepper Motor. Attach the [44] Timing Pulley with 2 [134] Set Screws.


Because the [134] Set Screws installed with the [44] Timing Pulley will be adjusted later for correct height, just tighten it temporarily.


Remove the upper 2 M5 Nylon Nuts on the [34] Wheel Plate x-axis.


Put the [50] Wheel Plate Motor Mount through the [34] Wheel Plate x-axis. Please note the correct direction of the [50] Wheel Plate Motor Mount.


Re-attach the 2 previosuly removed M5 Nylon Nuts.


Place the [33] Stepper Motors on the [35] Wheel Plate y-axis, matching the orientation shown in the picture. We will differentiate the two plates as Wheel Plate y-axis L and Wheel Plate y-axis R, by the direction of the connectors of the [33] Stepper Motors.


Attach using 8 [97] M3x6 Hex Socket Head Cap Screws.


XY axis unit assembly

Put [34] Wheel Plate x-axis through the grooves of the [1] V-slot 848mm.

5-10.jpg 5-11.jpg

Attach the [35] Wheel Plate y-axis L/R to both ends of the [1] V-slot 848mm with 4 [86] M5x10 Low Head Screws.


As shown in the photo, insert 3 [30] M5 Pre-Assembly Nuts in the top and 2 in the bottom grooves of the [1] V-slot 848mm.


Flip the [1] V-slot 848mm over and insert an [30] M5 Pre-Assembly Nut into the top and bottom grooves, as seen in the photo.

5-14.jpg 5-15.jpg 5-16.jpg