FABOOL Laser DS (2018/08~) Manual

Before Starting

Before Starting

Following is the packing list of FABOOL Laser DS.

FABOOL Laser DS packing list

Please check the content.
Should there be missing parts, please contact us at support@smartdiys.cc


Assembly of FABOOL Laser DS requires following tools.

Tools to be prepared

  1. Screw driver
  2. Hexagone wrench
  3. Spanner
  4. Pliers
  5. Ruler/scale
  6. Diagonal pliers/scissors
  7. Gloves
  8. Level

Safety Instructions

Please read through the “Safety Instruction” before assembly and operation of the machine.
– Please follow the manual to assemble and operate the machine.
– Only the person who understands the danger should use, do maintenance, or repair.
– Laser radiation is dangerous. Please be careful of fire, burn, and damages to the eyes.
– Do not put in part of your body in the safety cover while laser is radiated.
– Do not radiate the laser toward people or surrounding things.
– Do not let other people come near the machine while adjusting the optical axis. Please make sure to wear the safety glasses if you are in the room when optical axis is being adjusted.
– Do not look at the mirror when adjusting the optical axis.
– Please make sure that laser is not radiating outside the cover directly or by reflection.
– Please wear the safety glasses when the power is on. Do not look at the laser radiation even through safety glasses.
– Do not turn the power on until all assembly is completed.
– Do not leave the machine when power is on.
– Do not move the machine when power is on. If you are moving it, please make sure to unplug the power cable.
– Do not let children come near the machine.
– Please follow the restrictions, law, and other rules when using the machine.
– Please make sure that the material you are processing does not emit hazardous substances when processed with heat.
– Do not wet the machine body and power area.
– Do not put flammable things near the machine.
– Do not put highly-reflective things near the machine.
– Some materials emit smoke and odor. Please use exhaust fan kit sold on our online shop or prepare one on your own to cool the processing area. Should the cooling system break, please stop using the machine immediately.
– If you are processing materials that emit smoke or fire, please use Flame Damper Kit sold on our online shop. If you are not purchasing one, please make sure to take necessary safety measures for anti-inflammation.
– Please remove rubbish from under the working bed to avoid fire.
– Please adjust the optical axis if the machine is moved a little.
– Please do the maintenance periodically such as tighten screws, adjusting mirror lens and optical axis.

Product Warranty

– Should there be any missing parts or initial failure, please contact us within 30 days of delivery. After checking the status of initial failure, we will repair or exchange for free. Please note that we do not take care of any damages other than initial failure due to the nature of the machine.
– Please follow the manual for assembly and follow the operation temperature and time when using the machine. Damages caused by not following those mentioned earlier will not be covered by warranty.
– Laser tube must be cooled. Please make sure that the cooling system is working when using the machine. We do not bear any responsibilities for damages caused by using without cooling system.

Service Parts and Exchanges

Laser tube, timing belt, lens and other service parts are available for purchase in our website.

Disposing of Condenser Lens

Condenser lens of this machine contains ZnSe which is a hazardous substance. Please call your local industrial waste disposal operator when disposing.


We do not bear any responsibility for damages, injures, accidents, fire and so forth caused by using the machine. We also do not bear any responsibility for the following damages.
– Loss or damage caused by using or being unable to use the machine.
– Damages caused by not following the manual for assembly and operation.
– Damages caused by remodeling and use of software other than ours.