FABOOL Laser DS (2018/08~) Manual

Bottom Installation (Without the designated workbench)

There are 2 different procedures for Bottom Installation depending on whether you have the designated workbench.

WITH the designated workbench for FABOOL Laser DS

WITHOUT the workbench

No. Parts Name Notes Pictures Qty
49 Bottom Front   2
113 Bottom back left   1
50 Bottom back right   1
145 M5x8 Low Head Screw   32
139 M5 Post-in Nut   48
1 Caster Plate Caster Mounting 4
148 M5x16 Hex Socket Head Cap Screw   16


Assembly Procedure (Without the designated workbench)

Bottom Installation

Turn the upside of the main body frame down and place it on the table/ ground.


Make sure that [49]Bottom-F, [113]Bottom-BL and [56]Bottom-BLR are facing the right direction.

15-8.jpg 15-9.jpg

Place each Bottom parts on the main body frame and put 48 of [139]M5 Post-in Nut in each screw hole.

15-10.jpg 15-11.jpg

Attach each Bottom parts with 32 of [145]M5×8 Low Head Screw.

15-12.jpg 15-13.jpg

Place [1]Caster Plates, prepared in the “Caster Installation” section, on the Bottom parts.

15-14.jpg 15-15.jpg 15-16.jpg 15-17.jpg 15-18.jpg

Attach the [1]Caster Plate with 16 of [148]M5×16 Low Head Screw.

15-19.jpg 15-20.jpg 15-21.jpg