FABOOL Laser DS (2018/08~) Manual

03. Handling of Main Body Frame Members

Handling of hex wrench

When tighten screw, please tighten it until temporary stop by the longer L type.

When decide the position of Aluminum Frame, please tighten the screw by the shorter L type.


Handling of screw

When tighten screws, please tighten screws at right angle for nut.


When screw is inclined as picture, please note that because it becomes the reason of damage and malfunction.

When screw tightening is inclined, please remove the screw and exchange nut.


Handling of Post-in Nut

Please note that is back and front in Post-in Nut.


Please put Post-in Nut in the groove of the aluminum frame after faced it up.


Handling of right-angle bracket

Aluminum frame can be installed at right angle.


Place right-angle bracket on the top of post-in nut and adjust 2 positions of hole.


Right-angle bracket can be fixed by tightening screw.


Handling of aluminum frame

Right-angle bracket can be fixed by right-angle bracket.


If assemble aluminum frame, there is gap, but it is OK because it is the manufacturing tolerances.


When fix aluminum frames, please confirm that aluminum frame does not screwed.

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