FABOOL Laser DS (2018/08~) Manual

Laser Head Installation

No. Parts Name Notes Pictures Qty
 41 Thumb Screw   1
  Laser Head assembled 1

Assembly Procedure

Laser Head Installation

Attach the Laser Head installed in “Laser Head Assembly” 」section on [17]Wheel Plate x-axis of x/y-axis unit with [41]Thumb Screw.


Attach [45]Polyurethane tube on the inner part of [35]One-Touch Coupling referring to the picture.


Adjust [14]Position BKT to touch the side of [17]Wheel Plate x-axis when installing the laser head on the [17]Wheel Plate x-axis of x/y-axis unit.

25-3.jpg 25-4.jpg

Loosen the screw to adjust when [14]Position BKT is slantingly attached.

25-5.jpg 25-6.jpg