FABOOL Laser DS (2018/08~) Manual

Relay PCB/ Power For Laser assembly

No. Parts Name Notes Pictures Qty
84 Power For Laser   1
98 Relay PCB   1
78 Utility BKT 2   1
79 Utility BKT 1   2
133 M4x6 Hex Socket Head Cap Screw   4
160 M3x5 Nylon Screw   4
158 Hex Spacer Male Screw   4

Assembly Procedure

Relay PCB Assembly

Make sure that [78]Utility BKT 2 is facing the right direction.


Attach 4 [158] Hex Spacer Male Screws to [78] Utility BKT2.


Place [98]Relay PCB on the screw hole of [158] Hex Spacer Male Screw, and attach them with 4 [160] Nylon Screws.


Power For Laser Assembly

Make sure that [79]Utility BKT 1 and [84]Power For laser are facing the right direction.


Attach [84]Power For Laser to [79]Utility BKT 1 with 4 of [133]Hex Socket Head Cap Screws.

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