Smart Laser CO2 Manual

Optical axis adjustment (Laser tube)


Please read the following notes carefully then please adjust for the optical axis.

Handling of the laser

・The light generated by the laser is very harmful. Please use extreme caution against possible fire, burns or injury to the eyes.
・Do not turn on the ON switch to the laser until assembly is totally complete.
・Upon use, do not let the laser light enter the eyes directly or by reflection from a mirror surface.
・Be sure to use protective eye wear applicable for the laser wavelength being used.
・Never look directly at the laser light even when using protective eye wear or at low laser intensities.
・Do not place highly reflective items near the vicinity of the laser.
・Do not direct laser light on any part of the body, even through clothing.
・Do not direct laser light to items other than the intended work piece or toward other individuals.

During the adjustment process

・Adjust it by burning masking tape. If the laser output power is too strong then it could be dangerous as it may light up with fire, so please adjust it to a weak output power.
・If adjusting it using masking tape with the reflection mirror attached, please be aware that the tape materials won’t go on the reflection mirror because it may cause degradation of the mirror.

Operational handling notes

・Please use the laser cutting machine where there are no flammable, combustible, or volatile substances.
・Do not use on materials such as polyvinyl chloride, nylon, polyurethane or other materials which will give off toxic gases.
・Ventilate well to allow smoke generated in the laser cutting process to escape.
・Operate the laser cutting machine after confirming there are no children in the vicinity.
・Never move the laser cutting machine while it is in operation.

Protective goggles

When you adjusting the optical axis, please protect your eyes with the CO2 laser protective goggles.
protection glasses

Preparation for the laser adjustment

Irradiation button

Please do not turn the power of the laser beam machine on at this point
By pushing the ‘TEST’ button of the laser power, it could irradiate the laser manually.
If you didn’t purchase “button for the optical axis adjustment“, please use this button to adjust the optical axis.
* Do not push the button for a long time when adjusting the optical axis. A little push will be enough.
test button for laser power

Connecting button for the optical axis adjustment

If you purchased a”button for the optical axis adjustment“connect it here.
connecting button for optical axis adjustment

Connect it to the laser power supply.
connecting the button for optical axis adjustment to laser power

The red button on the right side is for irradiating laser.
The finger grip on the left hand side is for adjusting the power of the laser.
Turn it anti clockwise to get more power. Please adjust it with a small amount of power as much as possible.
buttons for optical adjustment

Turning the AC power supply on

Please connect the AC cable then turn power supply switch on.
turning the AC power supply on
turning the AC power supply on

Starting software

For the Optical axis adjustment, please adjust with software while operating the laser machine.
Please refer to this manual”Installing the software“,”How to use the software“to start the software.
smart laser co2 software

For the Optical axis adjustment, please use “movement and “JOG” in the left side tab.
using movement and JOG tags to adjust optical axis

This is what you can see in the working area. The laser head will move to the position you click.
smart laser co2

Tape for the Optical axis adjustment

Please use Masking tape to adjust the optical axis.
using masking tape for optical adjustment

Paste it on the mirror mount and irradiate the laser on it to adjust the spot position.
adjusting the position of spot

Laser tube height adjustment

Do not put the reflection mirror on at this time yet.

Adjust for the laser tube height, irradiate the laser and check the position.
adjusting the position of laser point

Loosen four screws in the picture to adjust the height of laser tube to be middle.
Make sure it does not tilt.
adjusting height of laser tube
adjusting height of laser tube

If the spot is on top part, move the laser tube down.
adjusting the point of laser

If the spot is on the bottom part, move the laser tube up.
adjusting the point of laser

Adjust it so that the point is in the center of mirror along the vertical axis.
adjusting the point of laser

Check if the laser tube is tilting using a level guide or something similar.
If it is tilting, adjust again the height of the laser tube.
making sure laser tube is not tilting

Move on to the manual of “optical axis adjustment reflection mirror” keeping this state.