Smart Laser CO2 Manual


Regular maintenance check

When you do maintenance for this laser cutter, please turn the power off.

Pre-operation check

Please check for under the working bed whether there are not dust and debris.

Check the reflection mirror and concentration lens that there is no dirt.

Check the V-Slot axis that there is no dirt.

Periodic check

Check the timing belt stretch.

Check the timing pulley dirt.

Check the optical axis.
optical axis

Pre-operation maintenance check

– When cleaning the working bed, remove the flat bar.
– Avoid touching the lens part of reflection mirror and concentration lens when cleaning. Please wash your hands well before and after cleaning.
– For the V-slot axis, you can remove dust and debris with cloth or paper. Using silicon spray or similar can help the machine move smoother.。

Periodic maintenance check

– If the timing belt’s position has shifted or is loose, please readjust the tension.
– If the timing belt has become dirty, please wipe clean.
– If the optical axis has shifted., please run the Optical axis adjustment process.