FABOOL Laser DS (2018/08~) Manual

Optical Axis Adjustment Laser Tube

No. Parts Name Notes Pictures Qty
105 USB Cable   1
107 AC Cable   1
118 Protection Glasses   1


Read the instruction below well before moving on to the Optical Axis Adjustment.

Usage of Lasers

  • The light generated from lasers is extremely dangerous. Make sure to prevent fire, getting burned and damage for your eyes.
  • DO NOT turn ON the power for lazer until the assembly completes.
  • Always wear safety glasses appropriate for the wavelength of the lazer you are handling, even if the intensity is low.
  • Do not look at the laser radiation even if the laser output is low or with protection glasses.
  • DO NOT place objects with high reflectivity around the laser.
  • DO NOT expose any of your body parts to the laser light, even if your body is covered with clothes.
  • Do not radiate the laser toward people or things other than the processing material.

During the adjustment

  • You need to do the adjustment procedure by burning masking tape and something equivalent. Try the laser output to be low since the tape can be flamed up if the laser output is too high.
  • Make sure the material of tapes doesn’t stick to the reflecting mirror when you do the adjustment procedure using masking tape with the reflecting mirror installed. If the tapes remain stuck on the mirror, the mirror can be deteriorated.

Usage in actual operation

  • Use the machine where there is no burnable, explodable and volatile solvent.
  • DO NOT process the materials produce harmful gas. Avoid polyvinyl chloride, nylon and polyurethane.
  • Make sure the air ventilation to prevent the exhaust gas during processing.
  • Use the laser processor after you checked there is no infant/child aroud.
  • DO NOT move the machine while you processing.

Assembly Procedure

Optical Axis Adjustment Preparation

Pour approximately 150ml water in the tank. *Try not to spill the water in the housing.


Connect the AC Cable. Turn ON the switch of AC-Main Cable.


Make sure that the [92]Push-Button Switch is turned OFF. If it’s ON, electric current doesn’t flow.



When the switch of AC-Main Cable is turned ON, Water Cooling Device start operating and the amount of water in the tank reduces. Pour additional water in the tank up to 80% of the whole tank, and the total amount of the additional water would be approximately 850ml.

*Check there’s no water leakage

Few minutes later, after the water starts circulating, check whether there is water leakage from each hose connection part. Check well on Flow Sensor, Radiator Unit and Water Cooling Pump, especially. If there is a leakage, use sealing tape or something equivalent to fix the leakage.


Optical Axis Adjustment Laser Tube

Laser pointer for position checking located on the irradiation hole will be turned on when the power is on. Use masking tape or something equvalent to check the lighting.

*DO NOT place any human body part directly in the housing to check the lighting.


Adjust the height of 80W Laser Tube. Loosen the screw located in the red-circled part in the picture.


You can change the height of 80W Laser Tube by turning the dial located in the red-marked part in the picture.


Horizontalize 80W Laser Tube by using a level or something equivalent.


While loosening the screw marked red, push upward the top side of Laser Mount.


Make sure that 80W Laser Tube is fixed and held still.


Adjust the Laser in order the Laser pointer for position checking to point the center of the Mirror Mount.


To prevent Rattling after adjustment, you can attach screw locking glue on the screw for fastening.


Tighten the screws marked red not to change the pre-adjusted height of 80W Laser Tube because of vibration.


The red-marked area on the power for 80W Laser is a test button. *Operate with great caution since the laser beam output when you push the button.


For customers who purchased Optical Axis Adjustment button: Use the button from the next procedure.


Detach the Laser Cable and attach the Optical Axis Adjustment button.


Turn to the left (anticlockwise rotation) to strengthen the output. Use as low as you can when you do the adjustment procedure.


Wear safety glasses since you need to start irradiating.


Make sure again that the laser pointer is pointing the center of the Mirror Mount before irradiation.


Start Irradiating and check the optical paths of laser beam and the laser pointer matches.