Positioning Kit Manual

Positioning Kit

Positioning Kit Assembly


Parts List


Parts Qty
Laser Pointer 1
Laser Pointer Holder 1
M3×8 Hex Socket Head Bolts 1
M3Washer 1
Set Screw 2


Positioning Kit Assembly


1: Insert set screw into laser pointer holder.



2: Install laser pointer holder to lens mount using M3×8 hex socket head bolts and M3 washer.



3: Connect pointer cable and laser pointer.


4: Affix the pointer cable to the polyurethane tube using a cable tie as shown in the following picture.


Place Adjustment


Place adjustment


1: Connect USB cable in order to radiate laser pointer.

Connect USB cable to Fabool CO2.


2: Connect other side of USB cable to computer.

Ensure laser pointer radiates.


3: Positioning adjustment will be done by radiating the laser. Remove the cover-top-back.


4: Use either the irradiate test button or optical adjustment button.

Ensure that your eyes are protected by wearing CO2 laser glasses.



5: Irradiate laser, but DO NOT allow it to radiate for an extended period. A brief moment is sufficient.


6: Adjust the laser pointer laser so that it strikes the same place as the laser.

Check the positioning and angle of the laser pointer.



7:If you used the optical adjustment button, detach it and replace the cover-top-back.

Adjustment is complete.