Smart Laser CO2 Manual

How to use software

How to start the software

First, start the server software of “Smart Laser CO2”.

How to start on Windows

In the case of the “executable file version”, please start it by double-click the “smartlaser.exe” that has been installed. In the case of the “Python version”, please start it by double-click the “run.bat”.

It will display the following command prompt. If “# LasaurGrbl XX.XX” shows at the last line, it means that this process is correct and the controller is properly connected.

If the “# LasaurGrbl XX.XX” does not show up, maybe the controller and the PC are not connected, or the driver is not installed correctly.

How to start on Mac

Execute by double-click “run.command” in the installed folder. The following terminals will be desplayed. If “# LasaurGrbl XX.XX” shows up at the last line, it means this process is correct and controllers are properly connected.

How to start on Raspberry Pi

Please move the directory that has been installed on the terminal, then execute the “./” command. If “# LasaurGrbl XX.XX” shows up at the last line, it means this process is correct and controllers are properly connected.


Please use the latest Chrome or FireFox.
If the execution of the server software is complete, then launch the Web browser to access the server.
If execute the browser and the server software with the same PC, please access the “”.


If you can boot successfully, you will see a green”Ready” at the top right corner of the display.

If the USB is not connected or not be recognized, an orange “disconnect” will show up.

Please click the home button, do the homing. If do not do the homing, it operates in a state that does not know the current position, it is not able to carry out the processing of in the correct position.

How to exit the software

“Smart Laser CO2″uses a browser to access the server software, so even if you exit the browser, server software will not be the end.
On the contrary, even if you exit the browser, you can use the “Smart Laser CO2” again by accessing the server on the browser.

How to exit on Windows

If you want to finish it, just please click the “×” button of the command prompt for the server software.

How to exit on the Mac

If you want to finish it, just please click the “×” button of the terminal for the server software. The following confirmation messages will show up, please click on the “Close” button.

How to exit on the Raspberry Pi

The terminal that is executed by server software can be terminated with the “CTRL + C” key.

The description of function

Common function

  1. The button in green state means that PC and “Smart Laser CO2” has been successfully connected. If it is orange, it means they are not connected .
  2. It works only if you are using the “door switch”.
    Button in green state means that the door is closed. In the case of orange have the door open.
    If do not use the “door switch”, the button will remain in green state.
  3. Do the homing of X-axis, Y-axis. Please be sure to homing at startup.
  4. Move to the home position (0,0). Homing operation is not performed.
  5. Exit in the middle of the process, it will return to the home position.
    By the processing situations, it is possible that a time lag occurs before stopping.
  6. Pause the machining operation. By clicking again, and then the machining operation will restart.
    By the processing conditions, it is possible that a time lag occurs before the pause.

Screen switching

By clicking on the tab that is displayed on the left side, you will be able to switch the screen. There are “Laser processing screen” , “file reading screen”, “movement ・ JOG screen”, and “log screen”.

Laser processing screen

In the laser processing screen, it is possible to set of processing and carry out the execution. You can read the data of processing in the “file read screen”, and then execute the processing in the “laser processing screen”.

  1. Display the file name of processing data that is currently selected.
  2. Moving to “file reading screen”, opening the file can show up the dialog.
  3. Display the processing diagram that is currently selected. And display such as processing line and moving line.
  4. Execute the setting of processing parameters. It is able to set the movement speed and laser intensity at the time of processing. By selecting the color, you can select the line to perform the processing.
    The path is able to set multiple.
    By setting a plurality of paths, it is able to set a separate processing parameters for each line.
    In addition, because the path of the same line is able to set multiple, it is possible to process the same point consecutively several times.
  5. Start the processing with the data of processing that is currently selected.
  6. Move in the processing range of processing data that is currently selected. It is a useful function to verify the processing range.
  7. It becomes the history of processing data. You can select the processing data from the list. Even if the software is exited, the data is retained. But you also can delete the history with the clear button.

File reading screen

In the file reading screen, do read of processing data files. Please check the “Creating processing data” while creating processing data.

When reading the processing data files in the “file reading screen”, please click the “read” button, and then select the SVG or DXF files.

If the reading is successful, the data of processing is displayed as follows. By clicking the “Add to laser processing” button, it is able to execute the processing that is reflected by the processing data in the “laser processing screen”.

In addition, it is able to read the SVG file by specifying the dpi.

Movement ・ JOG screen

In movement ・ JOG screen, you can make a axis move or JOG processing.

  1. If clicking the area enclosed by a square with the mouse ,it makes the axis move to the clicked position.
  2. Switch the move or cut. If you choose the cut, please be careful that the laser moves with outputting.
  3. The intensity of the laser during cutting is set in the range of 0-100%.
  4. The moving speed is set in the range of 0.1 – 10000mm / min.
  5. The speed of moving or cutting can be set in the “low-speed 600mm / min”, “medium speed 2000mm / min”, “high-speed 10000mm / min”.
  6. Pressing the arrow keys “↑, ↓, →, ←”, you will be able to carry out the axis movement. It will move 10mm with a single click.
  7. Set the position coordinates to X, Y. By clicking the moving button, make the axial movement.

In addition, also can move “movement ・ JOG screen”by keyboard.
Press keyboard arrow keys “↑, ↓, →, ←” can do the axis movement. By combining the “Alt” key and the “Shift” key, can change the moving distance.

  • “↑, ↓, →, ←” key: 10mm move
  • “Alt” key + “↑, ↓, →, ←” key: 2mm move
  • “Shift” key + “↑, ↓, →, ←” key: 50mm move

Log screen

You can confirm in the list of messages that are displayed so far.