Smart Laser Mini Manual


Smart laser Mini doesn’t recognize on the computer

After install a computer driver, please restart then check whether recognize it.

Although started in browser software does not work

Please check your browser type. This software can be worked only new version of the Chrome or Firefox.

Power supply doesn’t turn on

Please check AC adapter port then insert to green board DC power jack.

Doesn’t return to original position

Please recheck for the manual “Wiring
If there is no problems, please close “ Smart Laser software “ and “smartlaser.exe “ then unplug USB cable, and click “restart”.

Can’t cut paper

Adjustment laser module height with dedicated tool, low speed and turn to the laser power100% for work.

Shifted position of the work

please check the tension for timing pulley or timing belt.

Backend error

It probably set up is out of range processing. Please check the data file again.

Backend error when you import a DXF file

Once loading the data file in inkscape or Illustrators and please adjust the position then save it in the SVG file.

Error loading engrave data file

For engraving in the embedded image data file needs a blank space.
If the image placed on before range of the document, It will read error.

knowledge of materials for work

Please refer to the work example list or Smart Laser Mini page. We create new ideas with many kinds of material for work and make our work examples more.

Is the Smart laser software possible to fill in the data that was created in illustrator?

No,Smart laser software can not read illustrator fill function.
Therefore It needs the raster engraving using image or filling into a shape using a path.
Please refer to the website bellow.
How to evenly place the path