FABOOL Software Manual

Cautions for Imported Data and News

Cautions for Imported Data


*Fill will not be recognized as it is. Please see the previous section about “Filling Figures” for more detail.
*Convert text into a path otherwise it will not be recognized.
*Only for SVG data it is possible to set different parameters for each path classified by color. For DFX, you cannot set different parameters for each color.
*”Please note that SVG file with image” could be imported to old software (Smart Laser Software), but it cannot be imported to FABOOL Software. However, imaged can be directly imported to FABOOL Software.

Image Types (JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIF, GIF, PSD)

There is a limit for width of images. Images with width larger than 1,023 pixels will be reduced to width of 1,023 pixels while keeping the ratio.

*.psd file and .dxf file will be able to be imported in the next update. Thank you for your patience. (201607/31)

*Maximum data size to import is 5MB.


Additional Features to be Developed

– Importing DXF and PSD data files
-Sharing project files among users
-Adding text on FABOOL Software
-Recognizing fill
-Importing data from external services such as Google drive, etc…